Ask The Professor

Melanie Gray Ph/D, RN

About The Professor

Born and raised in Milwaukee I was a  first generation college student following the end of the Civil Rights era and the height of the the Affirmative Action.  I worked my way through college during a time when this was actually possible. I laughingly think back to a full time tuition bill of $300 painfully crying and asking my mom how was I supposed to get this done.  Who knew that college students would be facing double digit annual tuition costs and six figure debt upon graduation.

Always  focused on  helping people become  I have forged a career of over 20 years in healthcare and higher education.  Passionate and

determined to help others be the very best  I love providing personal coaching.

My degree in E-Learning allows  me to use my skills in as an educator  to reach people around the globe. My extensive health care background afford me the skills to answer many of life’s questions.   Do you have a question I would welcome it. Ask The Professor- Melanie Gray