Meet Dr. Gray

  Helping you conquer the challenges of life.

Helping you conquer the challenges of life.

Faith in God, love of family and a profound concern for the health and well being of others are primary forces that   drive me.  I am  a registered nurse with over 20 years’ experience in the clinical arena and higher education.  I have masters in nursing education and a Ph.D. specializing in Online Learning from Northcentral University.

Memories of my mother’s courage as a adult mother of two returning to school in her mid thirties  was a major inspiration in  choosing nursing as a career an fueled my spirit  propelling  me to earn my Ph.D.  Nationally known as a nursing educator and serving  as a content reviewer for America’s largest publishers of nursing text books I am passionate about the nursing profession.

  A product of the Civil Rights era I remember the pride I'd had being a first generation college student in my family.  This  at a time when  one could actually work their way through college, when the average tuition cost was between 300 and 3000 a semester.  It was a time when college was not synonymous  with debt.

My father  wanted to attend college, but enlisted in the military at the outset of World War II, viewing military service as a vehicle of freedom from the racist oppression he’d witnessed while growing up. Afterward he used the GI Bill to fund his training as a professional welder.

I  am greatful for the legacy of hard work and commitment to excellence handed to me by my parents. They inspired me to set goals that allow me to help others. " No  man is an island and no man stands alone.  Each many joy is joy to me, each man's grief is my own". This mantra ignites my passion and vision to help others achieve their goals.  Welcome to "Ask Dr. Gray."